Greensboro, NC and Washington, DC – This Weekend!


We’re going on a mini road trip!  NC on Friday, then taking the Gandhi Show up to DC Saturday. This weekend is gonna be sweet. If you’re in these places come hang with us:

Friday – Greensboro, NC
8:00pm @ The Idiot Box

Host – Eric Trundy
Max Rosenblum
Lance Weiss
Brendan Fitzgibbons
Myq Kaplan


Saturday – Washington, DC
7:00pm @ Bier Baron

A Gandhi, Is That You? and Last Resort Comedy Production:
Host – Max Rosenblum
Joe Gerics
Lance Weiss
Brendan Fitzgibbons
Myq Kaplan


10 Years In The Game!

Today I have been doing stand-up comedy for 10 years (sometimes it looks like 3, but sometimes more than that!). This milestone feels like a pretty cool thing to me. While not an expert by any means, 10 years feels like I can call myself a comic that at least has some knowledge and experience of this crazy and awesome art form. A lot has happened since that first gig on February 16, 2005 in Village C Alumni Lounge during my junior year of college at Georgetown University for the “Funniest Man On Campus Competition” in Washington, DC. I did my first 1.5-ish years in DC and I still and always will consider that my comedy roots and I have such a love for all the comics that always come out of DC. So many awesome peeps. I was doing some acting and improv before I started standup, I’m currently 31 years old, which means 1/3 of my life has been dedicated to comedy. I could go on for days, but in short, it’s been an amazing ride, where I’ve gotten to travel all over the country, met some of the coolest people ever and I’ve gained some of the greatest friends. I hope to continue doing comedy for the next 60 or 70 years and perhaps 90 years if science allows. Thanks to everyone who’s been part of the journey with me and helped me along the way. It’s so many people, I can’t believe it. I only hope that I can do more and be better from this point forward. – The Weiss at Year 10′

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