“Wine and Questions with Weiss” Tuesday!


“Wine and Questions with Weiss” is back Tuesday, May 5th @ 7:30pm @ Treehouse154!

I am beyond excited for this show. The last one was an absolute blast. This installment, I am bringing along one of my all-time favorite comedians in the world Ben Kronberg to provide the opening remarks. I am truly honored to have such a thing happen. This show format is both scary and super exciting to me. I can’t wait. Please come and join me in this Weiss evening event!

The audience has 4 ways to participate (this will be the entire show):

1. Ask a question about anything he/she wishes and The Weiss will provide the answer.

2. Ask advice on anything in his/her life and The Weiss will provide a solution.

3. Heckle The Weiss and he/she can go mono-e-mono with The Weiss. Head-to-head. But be prepared, The Weiss has been doing standup for over 10 years and is as quick as they come, especially with wine in his system.

4. Give The Weiss a compliment of your choosing.

Tickets here: http://treehousetheaternyc.com/event/wine-and-questions-with-weiss/

Washington DC – Friday, May 1st @ 8:00pm!


We’ve paired with our buddies at Underground Comedy to bring the Gandhi Show back this Friday night!  The show is gonna be rockin’ real nice like! The lineup is as follows:

Friday, May 1st @ 8:00pm @ The Big Hunt (Dupont Circle):
Sean Joyce
Herbie Gill
Sean Gabbert
Luke Thayer
Lance Weiss

We’re really pumped about this show.


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