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    My name is Lance. I am a NYC stand-up comedian. I really like it. This is my website related to all that jazz. I hope you enjoy your stay here. Then go eat something delicious. You deserve it.

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Washington, DC: December 30 – January 1st!


I’m headed down to DC tomorrow to do 4 shows over the holiday weekend. DC is always a special place for me as it’s where I learned about and started comedy. I respect the scene there tremendously. The comics that come out of DC are always some of the best around, and I learn from them every time I go back. Many of my oldest comedy friends are peeps I met almost 12 years ago there. It’s probably where I’m gonna eventually finish comedy several decades from now too. I haven’t been to our nation’s capital in a little while, and I’m trying to get into the city before homeboy gets in there and wrecks the place to pieces. I’m doing 4 really fun shows, and I’m real excited about them. Would love to see and hang with old friends and meet new ones as always. Can’t wait. Let’s do it! Happy New Year!!!!

Shows and Links:

Friday, December 30th:
10:00pm – Arlington Drafthouse Green Room

11:30pm – Big Hunt

Saturday, December 31st:
9:00pm – partying all night

Sunday, January 1st:
8:00pm – Wonderland Ballroom

CNBC’s “Common Cents” – Episode 1

I was recently hired to write and host some man-on-the-street segments for CNBC’s “Common Cents”.  Here is episode one.  It’s been a ton of fun with a crew of awesome people.  More episodes will be posted in the future – HERE!

“Yelp, Yelp” – A Joke On The Site We All Love

My man Scotty Levell runs some of the most fun and awesome comedy shows I’ve ever done. He really cares about the shows, the atmosphere and vibe and making sure the comics and audience are always taken care of. It’s how you want comedy to be. I was lucky enough to be included on the lineup this past Saturday with some of my favorite comedians and friends. Here is a quick little joke from the show. Audio isn’t great, and the coloring was a bit funky, so I put it in black and white so it’s easier to see (actually kinda stylish and cool too!), and I’m going to start trying to release more content like this, just get more stuff out there.

Anywho, it’s a joke I’ve been working on for the past few months, and I think this is a pretty good representation of it overall. I always feel weird about putting jokes on the internet. You always want people to like it and it never feels like it’s good enough or ready. You always feel like you could have gotten a better version of it somehow. Hope you enjoy it and check out Scotty’s shows, just facebook “comedy commune”. They are an absolute blast. I present to you, the joke, “Yelp, Yelp” – The Weiss

Also, here is the Facebook version if you’d prefer to check it out HERE!

Lance Weiss & Matt Sky for Conde Nast’s The Scene


My man Matt Sky and I recently took part in a Facebook Live Event for Conde Nast’s The Scene. It’s up to almost 6,000 views. It was a ton of fun. Got a few more scheduled as well. Check out the clip – HERE!

The New York Comedy Festival – November 1st – 6th, 2016

picThe New York Comedy Festival starts today and runs through the week with a whole bunch of really great SHOWS.  I’m fortunate and excited to be performing on two really awesome ones:

Wednesday, November 2nd @ 10pm with Judah Friedlander @ The Creek & The Cave


Tickets here! – HERE!

Thursday, November 3rd @ 12 midnight – “Anyone Can Be President, Even Us”


Tickets – HERE!

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Quick meeting with the bros. Lemon, Glyn, Weiss. #nyc #columbuscircle, #manhattan #newyorkcity🗽 #newyork
"Donuts with my dude" at my niece Maggie's school. We crushed it this morning.
Tonight's Gandhi Show featured these 3 comedy legends. Absolute best of the best. Pick out any combination of comics, you can't beat these 3, you can only match it. DC Benny. Greer Barnes. Judah Friedlander. Very awesome. #gandhishow #luckyjacksbar #nyc #comedy #standup #standupcomedy #funny #haha #manhattan #newyorkcity🗽
Legends and Up-n-comers. If you know comedy you know it can't get funnier than these 2 beasts. Greer Barnes. DC Benny. Brendan Fitzgibbons. Lance Weiss. #comedy #standup #standupcomedy #arts #nyc #entertainment #showbiz #les #luckyjacksbar #haha #funniestdudesonplanetearth
Just picked up my copy of @surfer_magazine to support the crew. @toddglaser @kellyslater Awesome!!!!!
Brooklyn Hang! Yeeeaah!!! #brooklyn #nyc
City out window. #nyc
Hanging in Newark with my crew! #newark #saturday #nwk
Train Window. #train #trains #trainspotting #njtransit #nj #newjersey #photography #photo #tracks #nyc #outdoor #window #travel


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