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    My name is Lance. I am a NYC stand-up comedian. I really like it. This is my website related to all that jazz. I hope you enjoy your stay here. Then go eat something delicious. You deserve it.

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Welcome to my new website!

Welcome to my new website!  It still has a few quirks in it, and I’m in the process of re-designing a few pages, but it should have most of the relevant information needed.  I couldn’t figure out how to get my old blog posts in here, but that’s not a big deal – I always have new things to announce and this news section will fill up soon.  Thanks for hanging out!


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Three legendary comics take in a boxing match @barclayscenter. #boxing #comedy #russellpeters #barclayscenter #fightnight #brooklyn #nyc
Hanging with an awesome crew at Carolines the other night.
Tonight @ 930pm! GRAB THEM BY THE POLITICS @carolinesonbway #comedy #nyc #funny #midtown #politics #trump #antitrump #makenylaugh #thursdaybreak #seanspicer #mikepence
Princeton, NJ #princeton
The Crew at Princeton, NJ's Catch A Rising Star. #showbiz
Princeton, NJ
Princeton, NJ
Last night's "Gandhi, Is That You?" had awesome sets from the great Greer Barnes and Judah Friendlander. Best of the best! 
Gandhishow.com. Every Weds @ 9pm @ Lucky Jacks Bar. NYC.

#nyc #comedy #les #standup
Train view somewhere in CT.
BOSTON! #boston #downtownboston
My first Clay Pot Rice. Classic Salted Chicken and Chinese Sausage. #boston
Boston. #boston


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