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    My name is Lance. I am a NYC stand-up comedian. I also write and act in things. I really like it. This is my website related to all that jazz. I hope you enjoy your stay here. Then go eat something delicious. You deserve it.

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I’m on hulu!

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I am now on hulu! (and this is the face I make right before I make out with you) I’m in this episode for ComedyTime’s Quicklaffs. If you’re a standup fan, they have a bunch of cool clips from comedians from all over the country. Cool stuff at the links below:

http://www.hulu.com/watch/392965 (episode I’m in)

Podcast: Online Dating (and a photo that looks like I’m a used car salesman)

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Check out this podcast I did back in August with my man Justin McClure on online dating. He runs a super cool podcast on the subject and it’s pretty sweeeet!

Link to my episode here: http://www.onlinedatingdisasters.net/lance-weiss-episode/

Scooter Boys!

We’ve got a new Scooter Boys coming out soon! Catchup on the latest one above!
Also, check out all the episodes here:

On the Road – 5 days in MI and IN


Dear Michigan and Indiana Peeps!

I am embarking on the ol’ Michigan and Indiana mini-tour this week. I’ve drawn a map with my route. I’ll be flying into Grand Rapids then driving upstate. My dots on the map aren’t exactly accurate, but it’s a decent depiction of the route. The red dots are the towns I’ll be performing in. Here are the exact shows:

Sept 18th – Village Pub – Pentwater, MI
Sept 19th – Leelanau Sands Casino – Peshabestown, MI
Sept 20th – Turtle Creek Casino – Williamsburg, MI
Sept 21st – Wisecrackers – Merrillville, IN
Sept 22nd – Wisecrackers – Merrillville, IN

I’m looking forward to this trip as I’m going to be visiting some spots I’ve never been before. If you’re in the hood and want to come out to a show, shoot me a message through the contact page. Or if you just want to grab a sandwich, that would be rad too. I love sandwiches.

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