Still going strong on the solo podcast format! I can’t believe it. I had some of the most fun recording this one that I have had so far. Starting to loosen up a little bit and not care quite as much about making it so perfect. The battle of being human I suppose. But like all things, the more we do it, the more comfortable we get and the better we get at it. Anywho, I am scared of flying, hence the title. Hope you enjoy!

In this episode, we cover these topics (and a few more):

  • Surprised anyone does anything for me ever.

  • Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks, Deepak Chopra.

  • Book recommendations (Cockpit Confidential & Sapiens)

  • My fear of flying and what I have been doing about it.

  • I’m starting to get into history (Aerial America on Smithsonian Channel).

  • Pet Peeves of the week.

  • Automatic bathroom dryers and sinks suck.

  • Everyone is still on Facebook.

  • If you disobey signs, I have a difficult time feeling bad for ya.

  • Drink more water.

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