Releasing this podcast on Valentine’s Day, 2020! Whooooo!, Does it have much to do with Valentine’s? Not really, we talk about it a little bit at the end, but we’re also covering a whole bunch of other cool stuff here too! Can you say it’s the “Valentine’s Day Edition” if the content is not fully Valentine’s Day heavy? I don’t know, I got no idea. The internet is real wild. But you know what? I did just title it that, so I guess you can. There, boom, hello!!!!! The internet is stupid. Anywho,

In this episode, we cover these topics (and a few more):

  • I give the weather report for Phoenix, Arizona! – courtesy of
  • Maybe I have Seasonal Affective Disorder?
  • I can’t get behind someone who supports Trump. My view has shifted even more.
  • Doing stand-up is like being a baseball batter over and over.
  • A positive factor to overpopulation. A way it helps us relate to one another.
  • Thoughts on leaving a legacy and why it’s stupid.
  • Signal coming from space. Are there aliens?
  • Humans are violent, they made Manhattan.
  • What we think versus what comes out of our mouths. You can’t have a perfect conversation.
  • Valentine’s Day – Do something nice for someone.

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