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New Podcast – The Theft Forum!

I did this podcast while I was down in Austin a few months back for the Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival. I talk about the biz! Check it!! Listen here – http://ec.libsyn.com/p/0/d/2/0d22a66c1b58bea7/Lance_Weiss_Episode_14.mp3?d13a76d516d9dec20c3d276ce028ed5089ab1ce3dae902ea1d01cd8f36d5c058ca65&c_id=5218263 or on itunes – I’m episode #14 – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-theft-forum/id551047216 Thanks to Scott Hearne for having me on!

NBC’s “The Today Show”

    Two weeks ago, I went on “The Today Show” as part of Lucky Magazine’s Halloween Fashion Ideas. It was fun. I come out and strike a sweet pose as Andy Warhol with Bianca Jaggar. Whoopie for showbiz! Here is the link to the segment. We are at the very end of the clip: […]

I’m on hulu!

I am now on hulu! (and this is the face I make right before I make out with you) I’m in this episode for ComedyTime’s Quicklaffs. If you’re a standup fan, they have a bunch of cool clips from comedians from all over the country. Cool stuff at the links below: http://www.hulu.com/watch/392965 (episode I’m in) […]