Street Squad!

My buddy Dan Goodman and I are out on the streets!

What To Do When You’re Done


My buddy Beryl Smile Teitelbaum has started this great idea to help people when they are feeling down, low, not at their best, etc. and it’s like an encouragement site to boost us up and I think it’s a really fantastic idea. I wrote a little piece about what I do when I get depressed, like some suggestions. Life is wonderful, but man does it have some ups and downs sometimes for all of us, and this is just a little bit of how I do my best with that stuff.

Photo by Mindy Tucker


New Video!

Yo, here is a fun video we made!

Erin Andrez: Meghan Hanley
Filmed by: Brendan Fitzgibbons
Edited by: Just Jensen
Sound and Cameo: Lance Weiss