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    My name is Lance. I am a NYC stand-up comedian. I really like it. This is my website related to all that jazz. I hope you enjoy your stay here. Then go eat something delicious. You deserve it.

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Scooter Boys Episode #6 is here!

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I’m on hulu!

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I am now on hulu! (and this is the face I make right before I make out with you) I’m in this episode for ComedyTime’s Quicklaffs. If you’re a standup fan, they have a bunch of cool clips from comedians from all over the country. Cool stuff at the links below:

http://www.hulu.com/watch/392965 (episode I’m in)

Podcast: Online Dating (and a photo that looks like I’m a used car salesman)

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Check out this podcast I did back in August with my man Justin McClure on online dating. He runs a super cool podcast on the subject and it’s pretty sweeeet!

Link to my episode here: http://www.onlinedatingdisasters.net/lance-weiss-episode/

Scooter Boys!

We’ve got a new Scooter Boys coming out soon! Catchup on the latest one above!
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Weiss on Instagram!

Boston Peeps, let's hang!
Weiss working in the globe at @joeandthejuice.
The only two Lance's in comedy. With my man Lance Pauker!
Soon we make the magic!
Inspired by my buddy @leahbonnema post earlier today. Hat by @collective_voices. They got some really cool merch that supports awesome causes. Collectivevoices.com
Gandhi Show. Tonight @ 9pm @luckyjacksnyc @ 129 Orchard St. Gandhishow.com
Heading into Mecca.
Yo, this sign sending me mixed signals!
These are my gym shoes. This post sucks.
Judah Friedlander at last night's Gandhi Show sponsored by CollectiveVoices.com. Check it out, they are doing great work. Awesome time all around.


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