Party With Lance (The 1st Video! Struggling & Appreciating) – Episode 18

Whoa, it’s been pretty much exactly 6 months since I last put out a podcast. Where does the time go? The world is the craziest it’s ever been (at least in my lifetime). Anywho, I’m back and after wanting to do such for over a year, in addition to the audio version, I’ve FINALLY converted the podcast over into a video format too. Whooooo, yes!! Now that I’m all set up and rolling, I’m hoping to pump out these episodes more regularly again. Also in this episode, after recording it, I discovered that Biotin is just vitamin B. Watch and you’ll see what a moron I am.

In this episode, we cover these topics (and a few more):

  • We’ve gone to video! & learning to appreciate the video podcast format.
  • Obviously, the world is crazy + how can you vote for Trump?
  • Watch me struggle (and overcome!) a mental block midway through recording this episode.
  • Some things you can do to keep yourself sane in this time.
  • Going to bed takes way longer than you think.
  • I love YouTube comments!
  • I’m not doing Facebook quizzes or challenges.
  • I recently discovered 8D audio. Pretty wild!
  • Is Parkour gonna be the hottest new sport in the pandemic?
  • Life won’t be the same normal when we do go “back”.


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Party With Lance (The time I broke my leg) – Episode 11

Wow, are these some wild times going on in the government right now or what! It’s totally bonkers. After the vote today by the Senate to not include witnesses in the Impeachment trial, our country will never be the same. It’s quite scary actually. I feel like our political system as we have known it is over. It almost feels like our political system has been bending very poorly for a long time and today it officially broke. Wild times we’re living in. I guess we’ll just have to see how it all plays out here in the future. In the meantime, and perhaps as some break or distraction from all this stuff (and other wild things going on in the world), we got a new episode of the pod!

In this episode, we cover these topics (and a few more):

  • Wuhan, China is huge and list of the world’s biggest cities.
  • News overload: Kobe Bryant, Iran / Iraq, Impeachment trial, Brexit, Grammy’s,
  • Why breaking my leg was one of the best things that ever happened to me.
  • Older people have a lot of knowledge.
  • Coronavirus – what if it killed us all together?
  • Stop reading comments on Youtube, Instagram, social media.
  • You don’t have to do what the world / society tells you to do.
  • Tiny van life, living the life you want.
  • Phones & videos at the gym / taking photos of your food.
  • Randall’s BBQ in the Lower East Side / you can never get bored in NYC.

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