Party With Lance (Nobody BBQs in winter) – Episode 12

This week’s podcast takes something of a lighter approach in tone. Nothing too serious going down here. Just wasn’t into that sort of thing this week. That’s what makes this a cool medium. You can put it out however you want. I get into some topics, but I took a little break from any topics that are super heavy. But it is fun! And that’s the main point to me anyway, that it’s something fun. That’s the whole goal. Who knows what next week brings!

In this episode, we cover these topics (and a few more):

  • I attempt to give the NYC weather report via
  • NYC streets are gross: dead rats, weird liquids, used condoms, etc.
  • Items of efficiency: double knotting shoes vs velcro, zippers, buttons, toggles, sink faucets.
  • I am against pranks for the most part, but I do know a fun April Fool’s Day one I share.
  • The ego it takes to do a solo podcast / to create art / to be a politician.
  • Can you throw something the exact same way if you know it’s rotation?
  • Pet Peeve of the week: Don’t hit “Reply All” on mass emails.
  • Sugar is everywhere – you got to keep dark chocolate around. Cacao!
  • There’s so much detail in everything. Be sure to look around for it.
  • What is a building? What makes a building a building?

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