Party With Lance (The 1st Video! Struggling & Appreciating) – Episode 18

Whoa, it’s been pretty much exactly 6 months since I last put out a podcast. Where does the time go? The world is the craziest it’s ever been (at least in my lifetime). Anywho, I’m back and after wanting to do such for over a year, in addition to the audio version, I’ve FINALLY converted the podcast over into a video format too. Whooooo, yes!! Now that I’m all set up and rolling, I’m hoping to pump out these episodes more regularly again. Also in this episode, after recording it, I discovered that Biotin is just vitamin B. Watch and you’ll see what a moron I am.

In this episode, we cover these topics (and a few more):

  • We’ve gone to video! & learning to appreciate the video podcast format.
  • Obviously, the world is crazy + how can you vote for Trump?
  • Watch me struggle (and overcome!) a mental block midway through recording this episode.
  • Some things you can do to keep yourself sane in this time.
  • Going to bed takes way longer than you think.
  • I love YouTube comments!
  • I’m not doing Facebook quizzes or challenges.
  • I recently discovered 8D audio. Pretty wild!
  • Is Parkour gonna be the hottest new sport in the pandemic?
  • Life won’t be the same normal when we do go “back”.


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Party With Lance (Maybe Some Things You’re Feeling Too?) – Episode 17

Ooof, sorry for the delay on this one folks. I took a little break due to the world going wonky. I had planned to get going after a couple weeks, but then was just having trouble getting motivated. I mean does anyone have to explain themselves in these times? Great time to not have it together, hahaha, can’t blame anyone for anything. I mean I guess we’re all processing this differently and experiencing things we’ve never experienced before and trying to figure out what’s what and I’m not judging anyone for how they are handling it. For me, I took a little time to reflect, did a few new things and now we’re back with the first episode of PWL since the whole world went bananas. This episode speaks to how I’ve been processing and dealing with all this stuff. Perhaps you’ve been feeling some of the same, maybe it helps me to get it out there. Who knows, so here goes. Thanks as always for being a part of the party!

In this episode, we cover these topics (and a few more):

  • Being quarantined with my girlfriend & some difficulties / distractions this is creating.
  • Why I took off from the podcast and how I’m trying to navigate this.
  • Where do I go until stand-up comedy comes back? What does it even look like?
  • I’ve been struggling a little bit with motivation in this time.
  • I talk about what I HAVE been up to (making art, going on walks, doing some work, etc).
  • Perfection is even less important than it used to be.
  • Some tips for these hard / weird times (getting outside, connecting, creating, etc).
  • We’re all going through the same stuff. Working on connecting with one another.
  • What are my goals for this time? – art, podcasts, videos, online shows.
  • The positive of just doing this podcast – reach out to someone this week.

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