Party With Lance (A Message In A Bottle) – Episode 19

Video podcast number two (episode 19 in total) is here and going strong. Wahooo, yes, wow, what a time!

In this episode, we cover these topics (and a few more):

When customer service relates to you.
There’s too much testosterone in the world.
You should strive for 2nd place.
Why I love Pandora ads – 311, Beastie Boys, Train.
I discuss the Qantas Flight to Nowhere.
A news story about a guy who found a brain in the ocean.
I once found a message in a bottle.
Summing up what it’s like living with a girlfriend.
Working on forgiveness & trusting your gut.
Some reflection on Ruth Bader Ginsberg and John Lewis.


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Party With Lance (It Looks Easy If It’s Done Well) – Episode 15

Episode 15 is all the rage. That’s what they are saying at least. Who’s saying it? Me. Is it really all the rage? Sure! You say it, and so it is. I can’t believe I’ve done 15 episodes with zero guests. Unreal, but we made it! I don’t know, do you have to write a description here? For what? Who knows. Let’s try to not write that much. Here’s the stuff!

In this episode, we cover these topics (and a few more):

  • The world is just all about the internet & promoting now.
  • Has the world always been this crazy? Or do we just know more now?
  • I saw F16’s flying over Manhattan. Could I be a jet fighter pilot?
  • You can’t know that much about that many things / nothing is as easy as it looks.
  • I was not given the music or artistic (painting / drawing) gifts.
  • Why I don’t put my phone next to my junk (the wiener & such) or my head.
  • It’s not always paying dues, some people are just mean.
  • You have to make every day count – doing the math on it.
  • I share a joke that is always funny, nearly all the time.
  • If you’re on social media and just post photos of yourself, you’re a psychopath.

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