Wine & Questions With Weiss


From time to time I do my one man show, “Wine And Questions With Weiss” where I do a whole set of nothing but take questions.  Zero material.

The audience has 4 ways to participate (this will be the entire show):

1.  Ask a question about anything he/she wishes and The Weiss will provide the answer.

2.  Ask advice on anything in his/her life and The Weiss will provide a solution.

3.  Heckle The Weiss and he/she can go mono-e-mono with The Weiss.  Head-to-head.  But be prepared, The Weiss has been doing standup for over 10 years and is as quick as they come, especially with wine in his system.

4.  Give The Weiss a compliment of your choosing.

Shows happen sporadically from time to time and are posted about 1 month in advance on the shows page:


Wine and Questions